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  • Logistical tools help with planning, plus handling the unexpected
    PackMan lets you know instantly where your gear is, when it's due back, where it's been and where it's going.  Create pack lists based on "what-if" scenarios, and then fine-tune them as circumstances dictate.  A wide array of sorting and query options let you see at a glance how best to respond to changing conditions such as weather delays, client requests, or missing equipment.
  • Saves money by reducing expenses
    Needless sub-rentals can be avoided as PackMan helps pinpoint the availability of gear you already own.  Last-minute adjustments to cargo manifests give you the flexibility to efficiently determine the quickest and cheapest way to ship gear to and from events.
  • Keeps track of equipment and people assigned to scheduled events
    PackMan provides a comprehensive overview of every event on your schedule.  Crew, gear, and trucking are managed from one integrated environment, and every function is tightly bound to a perpetual calendar.
  • Provides event management functionality
    Complete client, venue, and contact information is readily available for each event.  Events can involve activities in multiple rooms at the same location.  Separate dates are maintained for load-in, strike, ship out, ship return, as well as each individual crew member.

  • Catalogs all inventory, from cables to consoles
    PackMan features a complete inventory system that works at 2 levels:

    • Individual pieces of gear are cataloged by manufacturer, price, serial number, country of origin, and other conventional means.  

    • PackMan tracks gear at the shipping case level.  It knows what gear is stored in which case, as well as case weight and dimensions for shipping purposes.

  • Maintains list of staff and independent contractors
    PackMan distinguishes between staff members and independent contractors to facilitate compliance with IRS regulations.  Crew members can be categorized and ranked by job type or home base.  PackMan includes a unique counter that measures the number of work days and travel days accrued by individuals over a given period of time.
  • Users can work anywhere in the world, connected or disconnected
    Road warriors are not second-class citizens with PackMan.  Whether using a notebook computer on the road, or connected to the LAN in the home office, every user can access the data they need.  Built-in replication software allows full synchronization across the Internet.  PackMan supports many users across multiple offices, and each office holds a full set of data for total redundancy.
  • Conflicts flagged, with tools to resolve
    If someone using PackMan on a network tries to assign gear or crew to an event that conflicts with another event, they are notified of the conflict and given the option to cancel or allow the assignment.  Conflicts are clearly marked, and it's easy to make the necessary adjustments when a final decision has been reached on how they should be resolved.  If a worker in the field creates a conflict while disconnected from the network, it is flagged the moment they re-connect and replicate their data.
  • Tracks costs associated with events
    PackMan contains an extensive purchase order facility which allows tracking of costs for crew, repairs, rentals, materials, shipping, and all other
    expenses.  Several purchase order formats are provided, each tailored to a specific purpose.  Crew members receive hotel and travel info on their purchase orders.  Equipment rentals are treated differently from purchases.  PackMan can be integrated with third-party accounting packages to share purchase order and vendor information.
  • Equipment in need of repair can be flagged and easily attended to
    Gear requiring service can be flagged without necessarily being removed from circulation.  PackMan provides ample room for notes describing the nature and severity of the problem.
  • Maintains history of pack lists and crew sheets
    PackMan provides a complete history of the resources assigned to each event.  It's easy to "clone" the pack list from an event in the past and use it as the jumping-off point for a new event.
  • Reports for crew, insurance, accounting, customs
    PackMan provides a variety of printed reports including pack lists, purchase orders, and inventory listings.  Easily create manifests which itemize manufacturer and country of origin for gear that travels across international borders.

  • Fast and flexible
    PackMan is easy to learn, easy to use, and lightning fast!  You decide how you want your resources to be categorized, ranked, and color-coded, and you can change your mind whenever you like.  Configuration changes are propagated to all users during replication.
  • Proven with 6+ years in operation
    PackMan has been in continuous use for more than 6 years serving the most demanding needs within the entertainment services industry.  It's reliable, easy to maintain, and built to support any number of users working anywhere in the world.





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